Tire Technology Expo 2014 | GVD Tire Mold Release

Simply put, is the world's leading conference on tire design and manufacturing technology. The conference looks to address developments in all aspects of tire design, research and manufacturing and is being held in Cologne, Germany from February 11-13th, 2014.

GVD Awarded EPA Grant for Mold Release Coatings

Green GVDThis summer GVD was one of seven companies awarded upwards of $300,000 via a Phase II EPA grant, which you can learn more about in the EPA Press Release. We at GVD are very conscious of the environmental impact attributed to conventional mold release technologies. Most commercial mold release agents make use of organic solvents that vaporize during drying, creating a signifcant air quality impact. Even water-based formulations often require the use of fluorinated surfactant additives to stay suspended in the liquid. 

Dr. Karen Gleason Elected Fellow of the AIChE!

GVD's Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Advisor Dr. Karen Gleason has been elected Fellow of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE)! 

This is a tremendous personal accomplishment recognizing her dedicated career and involvement in the worlds leading Institute of Chemical Engineers. The AIChE defines a Fellow as a person who, “shall have been in chemical engineering practice for an adequate period of time to demonstrate long-term excellence, normally 25 years or more, and shall have been a member [of AIChE] for at least ten years and a Senior Member for at least 3 years. Becoming a Fellow shall be recognition of professional attainment, and significant accomplishment in engineering.” (1)

IMAPS New England 2013 - Packaging the Next Generation of Nano Devices

GVD presents at an IMAPS organized workshop this week, Packaging the Next Generation of Nano Devices.

With each new generation of high density devices, the packaging community faces ever more difficult challenges. Diverse technologies such as: 3D, 2.5D, silicon carrier, MEMs, Hybrid electro-opto packages, etc require different packaging technologies, different materials, different processing, testing etc. All these variables are the focus of this conference which will be held in the heart of New York State's premier silicon device fabrication center. 

GVD's analytical scientist, Seth Johnson, presents on Chemically Vapor Deposited Polymer Coatings for the Environmental Protection of Micro- and Nano-Electronics Tuesday, April 30.

Clemson University Global Tire Conference | GVD Tire Mold Release

Tire Conference

GVD Represents the Latest in Mold Release Technology at Clemson's Global Tire Industry Conference

The Clemson Tire Conference is a comprehensive interdisciplinary conference designed to address developments throughout the field of tire design, research and manufacturing in all allied industries, whether directly or indirectly involved in tire making. The Clemson Tire Conference will be held on Hilton Head Island, SC from April 24-26, 2013. 

Tire manfacturing advances rapidly, increasing demands on existing tire molding technology. In order to keep pace with the competition and push the latest technology to market, companies look for new methods to improve productivity and enable new markets.


2013 MRS Spring Meeting & Exhibit (San Francisco, CA: April 1-5)

MRS Spring 2013

GVD will be presenting at the 2013 Materials Research Society (MRS) Spring Meeting, which features 56 technical symposia grouped into five broad clusters: Energy, Nanomaterials, Electronics/Photonics, Biomaterials and General. 

Explore GVD's Website to learn more about the latest in Commercialized Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology.

Conference: 2013 MRS Spring Meeting & Exhibit (San Francisco, CA: April 1-5)

Session Information: 

Session K: Materials for sustainable development
Title: Commercialized Nanomaterials: Vapor Deposited Polymers for Lubrication, Electrowetting, and Advanced Electronics Applications  
Date and Time: April 5, 2013 at 11:00 AM
Presenter: Dr. Shannan O'Shaughnessy - GVD Corporation 


IPC APEX Expo (San Diego, CA: Feb 19)






Tire Technology Expo 2013 (Cologne, Germany: Feb 5-7)

Tire Tech Expo

GVD presents at Europe's leading international tire design and tire manufacturing conference being held in Cologne, Germany. Visit our Dry Lubrication page or download a brochure to learn more about GVD's PTFE tire mold release coatings.

Conference: Tire Technology Expo 2013 (Cologne, Germany: February 5-7)

Session Information:

Title: Permanent tire mould release coatings formed by vapour deposition 
Session:  Tire manufacturing technology to meet the 'green' revolution (PM)
Date and Time: Tuesday, February 5, 2013 from 14:00 - 14:20 
Presenter: Dr. Shannan O'Shaughnessy - GVD Corporation 

Parlez-vous français? GVD coatings go multilingual



Reaching out to the ever-growing international interest in initiated chemical vapor deposition (iCVD) and GVD’s coating services, GVD is proud to announce the launch of a French-language version of the website. The site includes French translated features from GVD’s original website and will see updates to match the English version.

Looking forward, we hope to provide our cutting-edge electronics protection, mold release, and dry lubrication coating services throughout the world.

Pour en savoir plus sur les revêtements GVD, suivez ce lien (For those non-french speakers, "To learn more about GVD’s coatings, follow this link to").

To interested businesses from other countries: What language should we add next?


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