BIOMEDevice Boston (Boston, MA: Apr 10-11)

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GVD Coatings for Mold Release, Dry Lubrication and Electronics Protection

Come visit GVD at Booth 431 at the BIOMEDevice Boston Conference in Boston, MA on April 10-11. We're co-exhibiting with Hoowaki, a cutting-edge microtechnology company. 

On display is GVD's PTFE coating for Mold Release and Dry Lubrication. Difficult to release molds? Temperature sensitive plastics or rubbers that need higher lubricity? Look no further, come by Booth 431 and speak with a GVD Sales Engineer.  Click the image below to learn more about GVD's PTFE coating and our success in tire mold release applications and the semiconductor industry.

GVD also specializes in coatings for Environmental Protection of Electronics which are well suited for medical devices. Each of our coating materials is USP Class VI certified biocompatible and have the potential to dramatically improve the value of medical device electronics. For instance, coatings over printed circuit boards that can withstand harsh sterilization methods without damage to the device.

Our partner for the Exhibit, Hoowaki, creates microstructured surfaces on industrial tooling to create micron-sized features on polymer and metal surfaces. They serve customers in the medical, wire & cable, and polymer materials industries.