Clemson University Global Tire Conference | GVD Tire Mold Release

Tire Conference

GVD Represents the Latest in Mold Release Technology at Clemson's Global Tire Industry Conference

The Clemson Tire Conference is a comprehensive interdisciplinary conference designed to address developments throughout the field of tire design, research and manufacturing in all allied industries, whether directly or indirectly involved in tire making. The Clemson Tire Conference will be held on Hilton Head Island, SC from April 24-26, 2013. 

Tire manfacturing advances rapidly, increasing demands on existing tire molding technology. In order to keep pace with the competition and push the latest technology to market, companies look for new methods to improve productivity and enable new markets.

GVD's tire release coating is the cutting edge in release technology for tire manufacturers, enabling for high-performance tire models that include:

  • High density features
  • Undercut or reverse-draft patterns
  • Latest vent technology
  • Sticky rubber compounds


  • Fills a critical need for tire mold release
  • Highly automated, rapid coating process 
  • Durability that exceeds conventional release agents
  • Disruptive technology enabling more aggressive tread pattern design
  • Outstanding release properties allow stickier rubber compounds in performance tires
  • Causes no change in the surface finish of a molded tire
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