IMAPS New England 2013 - Packaging the Next Generation of Nano Devices

GVD presents at an IMAPS organized workshop this week, Packaging the Next Generation of Nano Devices.

With each new generation of high density devices, the packaging community faces ever more difficult challenges. Diverse technologies such as: 3D, 2.5D, silicon carrier, MEMs, Hybrid electro-opto packages, etc require different packaging technologies, different materials, different processing, testing etc. All these variables are the focus of this conference which will be held in the heart of New York State's premier silicon device fabrication center. 

GVD's analytical scientist, Seth Johnson, presents on Chemically Vapor Deposited Polymer Coatings for the Environmental Protection of Micro- and Nano-Electronics Tuesday, April 30.

The latest advances in electronics, driving for smaller and smaller systems, require unique packaging solutions that cannot be solved by conventional coating processes. GVD introduces a new platform technology for the chemical vapor deposition of polymers, enabling the fabrication of ultrathin polymeric films on complex two- and three-dimensional micro and nano-scale features which protect delicate electronics from environmental hazards. Polymers deposited by GVD's process meet or exceed many industry-standard tests for dielectric withstand voltage, salt-fog corrosion, insulation resistance, moisture resistance, and temperature humidity aging.