Tire Technology Expo 2014 | GVD Tire Mold Release

Tire Technology Expo 2014

Simply put, is the world's leading conference on tire design and manufacturing technology. The conference looks to address developments in all aspects of tire design, research and manufacturing and is being held in Cologne, Germany from February 11-13th, 2014.

GVD invites you to attend our presentation on February 11th at the conference.

Session Information: Tuesday February 11th at 15:00 - Enhanced tire curing: Permanent mold-release coatings with industrial experience

Presenter: Dr. Hilton Pryce Lewis, CEO

GVD provides its customers with turnkey mold processing including cleaning, coating and assembly. Demands on tire manufacturing are growing as tread designs become more aggressive, rubber compounds more advanced, and the bottom line is driven by cost efficiency. RapidRelease coatings have demonstrated large cost savings due to reduced demolding time, reduced demolding force, and reduced mold cleaning frequency over thousands of tire molding cycles per coating.

RapidRelease coatings streamline tire manufacturing:

  • Molds stay clean for thousands of cycles
  • Aggressive mold desings release rapidly
  • No impact on mold surface finish
  • Clean, odorless treatment replaces chemical spray
  • Hassle-free press operation reduces downtime

GVD's RapidRelease was designed with future tire manufacturing trends in mind:

  • Decreased de-molding time with fewer voids and tears
  • Better rubber flow and reduced lightness
  • Less wear-and-tear on mold and press
  • Allows for more aggressive tread features and new venting strategies
  • Achieves consistently high tire quality between mold maintenance