Custom Engineered Coatings

Put GVD’s Coating Expertise to Work for Your Next Project

GVD’s “platform technology” is a polymer vapor deposition process that was initially developed at MIT. In a single step, without exposing the product to high temperatures, solvents or other harsh processing conditions, our coating systems apply a nanometer or micron thin coating to enhance, protect, or prolong your process or product, using equipment and systems that enable repeatability & reproducibility. Most importantly, GVD has demonstrated CVD coating processes to be scalable, with multiple manufacturing facilities set up within the United States & globally.

From working closely with customers over the years, GVD has been continuously discovering new ways to utilize the CVD technology and its current products across a vast number of industries and applications. Our chambers and processes can accommodate parts ranging from highly complex circuit assemblies, to commercial truck tire molds.

In addition to the existing portfolio of products, GVD is always open to collaborating with businesses and various agencies to come up with unique solutions to their surface challenges via development projects. The coating solution may be an iteration of our commonly used material systems, or a completely custom chemistry, depending on project & customer requirements. Our scientists and engineers will work with you to help advance your products from the drawing board to commercial realization.

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