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iLab Coating System

Ultra-thin Coatings for Electronics ProtectionThe iLab Coating System is a potent tool for depositing a broad range of thin polymer coatings. Its small footprint, high performance, ease of use, and low cost of ownership allow you to focus on developing innovative initiated chemical vapor deposition processes. Initiated chemical vapor deposition is unique with regard to its combination of low input energy, coating conformality, and monomer functionality preservation.

Through the elegant design of selective chemical mechanisms, initiated CVD represents a revolutionary “gentle” processing platform in which vapor-phase organic monomers adsorb and react rapidly to form pure solid polymeric films of exceptional quality directly onto room temperature surfaces. Since heat and solvents are avoided and rough surfaces are conformally coated, these chemical vapor deposited (CVD) polymer layers integrate with virtually any substrate and form the basis for patented breakthroughs for flexible optoelectronics, sensors, microfluidics, biomedical devices, and membranes.

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