Electronics Protection Coating Service

GVD’s SignalSeal coating is ideal for environmental protection of high-frequency RF electronics as an alternative to hermetic packaging. The vapor deposition process is both conformal and uniform, ensuring effective coverage of a populated circuit board or the bare surface of a die, protecting our customer’s products from moisture and debris in the environment.

Radio frequency (RF) micro-electronics are used everywhere in today’s technology, from the internet of things to military radar systems. Many of these systems, such as military active electronically scanned array (AESA) radar, read and analyze a high volume of RF signals and data using sophisticated analog-to-digital conversation and high-power processors. However, it is challenging for these advanced RF systems to meet size, weight, power and cost requirements set by consumer market or defense agency demand, what the military calls “SWaP-C”, due to the need for packaging of the RF components and integrated circuits (ICs) in to ensure long term reliability. Reliability concerns traditionally necessitate the environmental protection of these high-frequency RF devices at either the component or the assembly level by hermetically sealing the device in a bulky, heavy expensive metal enclosure to prevent degradation caused by hazards in device operating environments. Industry standard conformal coatings are unusable due to the significant signal degradation which occurs if applied directly over an RF circuit. 

What does that mean for the design of a RF electronic device or system?  Conventional conformal coatings are avoided as a method of environmental protection on RF and microwave electronics operating above C-Band due to the performance degradation caused by the change in dielectric environment immediately surrounding the circuit. The alternative is to either go without environmental protection or to hermetically seal the device; one introduces signifcant risk of failure in the field, while the other is expensive and adds unnecessary weight and volume to the device. With SignalSeal, our customers can design their devices with a small form-factor in mind and know that the device will operate as designed in many different harsh operating environments.

Advantages over conventional solutions:

  • Significant reduction in materials cost over hermetic packaging
  • Demonstrated RF compatibility on devices operating at Ku, Ka, and W Bands
  • Effective environmental protection per IPC-CC-830, MIL-I-46058C, and other industry standard tests

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