Mold Release Coating Service

Producing tires is challenging, and manufacturers have to make difficult decisions every day to efficiently meet production demands without sacrificing tire quality. In GVD’s experience, every new generation of tire design presents its own unique problem, from stickier rubber and filler materials to complex three-dimensional sipes. GVD Corporation’s RapidRelease coating, as the name implies, helps to rapidly release even the most problematic tire from the mold. Proven over the last decade by helping manufacture millions of high-performance passenger tires, RapidRelease has expanded into production lines of some of the most difficult to manufacture tires; commercial truck, Winter and Nordic. Extensive mold fouling and tread stripping plague these production lines, leading to reduced product quality and persistent downtime for maintenance and cleaning. 

For the past decade, GVD has provided effective mold release coatings for a number of applications, varying from delicate, micro-textured products to industrial molding of vehicle tires. Dedication to pushing the envelope has been ingrained in our company since our launch out of MIT and continues to this day. GVD’s team of scientists and engineers work with industry leaders to continually improve our technology for mold release applications. The benefits of longer lifetimes, lower solvent usage, and less environmental impact has attracted funding from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to support the ongoing development of RapidRelease. In particular, GVD’s services eliminate the use of PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid) surfactants commonly used in fluoropolymer permanent release coatings.

GVD RapidRelease Coatings

GVD offers mold tool coating services. Our RapidRelease coating improves release of a variety of polymers from mold cavities, and allows for micron-scale features in the mold design. The most successful use of RapidRelease has been demonstrated with compression molding processes for natural rubbers, such as the vulcanization process in tire manufacturing.

RapidRelease is applied in a micron-thin layer, precisely matching the surface finish of the mold. The thinness of the coating holds a number of advantages.

  • RapidRelease resists flaking as seen with other permanent release coatings, extending the life of the coating to thousands of cures.
  • The mold surface finish remains unchanged though the life of the coating, resulting in a consistent tire appearance from the first cure out of the press to the last.
  • The coating process can be done over euro-vents, spring-vents and microvents without risk of blocking or damaging them, reducing downtime and labor.
  • Dramatic reduction in cleaning frequency for molds
  • Improved release allows for more complex mold designs
  • Eliminates chemical spray, keeping facilities cleaner and operators safe

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