Environmentally Safe Mold Release Coatings for Tires and Other Intricate Parts

Molds are an essential tool for producing a wide range of automotive and industrial parts from rubbers and plastics. Due to the nature of automotive and industrial applications, these molds typically undergo high pressures, temperatures, and must ensure that even small and delicate features on large molds are maintained to a high fidelity. The stringent technical requirements for these molds also translates to demanding technical specifications for mold release agents and technologies.

Unfortunately, the result of these requirements limits the types of mold release products that can be used for these applications. These limitations have led to the use of mold release processes that require harmful solvents, such as volatile organic compounds for their drying and curing performance. VOCs are dangerous to both humans and the environment. Other mold release technologies that don’t use solvents, may instead include other harmful chemicals.

For instance, some water-based mold release coatings use perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), such as those used to produce Teflon®-like mold release coatings. These types of mold release coatings are common for use in compression rubber and plastic molds, like those used for tires. PFOAs are persistent in the environment, readily spread, and have been known to cause cancer

There is a growing widespread need for mold release coatings that can stand the harsh conditions of automotive and industrial manufacturing that doesn’t result in both human and environmental hazards. This is where GVD’s innovative, initiated chemical vapor (iCVD) deposition process used to produce polytetrafluorethylene (PTFE), a product known as RapidRelease, comes into play. GVD’s RapidRelease process produces a semi-permanent mold release in an extremely thin conformal coating that captures even the finest mold features and difficult geometries without requiring hazardous chemicals. RapidRelease is applied at room temperature chamber and doesn’t require manual application.

GVD’s low energy use process is both environmentally safe and doesn’t produce harmful gases that degrade air quality. RapidRelease has been successfully used in automotive tire mold release applications, where manufacturers have benefited from a reduction in scrap from failed mold release, longer mold life times, and more reliable manufacturing processes.

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