About GVD Corporation

GVD is an ultra-thin coating service provider with over 15 years of experience developing vapor deposited polymer coatings. 

GVD’s growth has been organic, driven by a market demand for customized nano- and micro-coating solutions. With years of experience developing coatings for a variety of market sectors from the laboratory to commercial use, GVD delivers advanced performance improvements through surface functionality. Our customers use GVD polymer coatings to secure a firm competitive advantage in their respective markets.

GVD Corporation spun out of MIT’s Chemical Engineering laboratories in 2001 as the commercializing arm of a unique polymer vapor deposition technology. Access to industry experts in vapor deposition, both in advisory positions and on staff, drives research and development to pinpoint innovative markets and applications. GVD has matured advanced materials and processing methods, culminating in a solid patent portfolio. Ongoing development in polymer vapor deposition technology provides an ever-growing opportunity for GVD expansion, creating ground breaking advancements in products and manufacturing.

GVD’s strength lies in the ability to vapor deposit polymers using a low temperature, dry vacuum process which results in an extremely uniform, well controlled, ultra-thin coating. GVD has isolated a small group of over 70 polymers to scale and commercialize, including RapidRelease and SignalSeal.

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GVD’s technology has been enabling for numerous applications. Our flagship material, PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) is applied at room temperature and allows us to add the lubricious and non-stick properties of PTFE on almost any surface: metal, plastic, fabric, or paper. The coating has dramatically improved the performance of industrial manufacturing processes ranging from rubber vulcanization to semiconductor fabrication.

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