GVD’s Coating Delivery Methods Get You to Market Faster.

When you choose GVD for your project, you’ll work directly with our coating specialists for R&D collaboration through to production-scale coating services. Our coating service is scalable to fit your requirements from the evaluation phase through to high volume manufacturing.


EVALUATE the Optimal Surface Solution for Your Application

GVD’s coating evaluation program provides you with the ability to evaluate coating technologies and processes on a small number of units to find the best coating solution to enhance, protect, and enable your latest technological innovations.

VALIDATE to Hone the Manufacturing Process that Works Best

After the initial evaluation, we typically coat a larger number of products that can be characterized and tested more thoroughly in real-world environments. The validation program is a key stage across industries, and allows our customers to coat engineering volumes for in-depth evaluation, while GVD works to refine the overall materials systems and streamline the manufacturing processes for low-volume production.

SCALE to Quickly Ramp Up to Meet Production Volumes

When it’s time to scale your manufacturing process to full production, GVD’s team of scientists, engineers, and technicians can quickly scale up our coating services to efficiently meet your production volumes. We can deliver our coatings as a service from a nearby GVD production facility or explore manufacturing at or near a customer location.

Certified Quality

GVD holds an internationally recognized ISO 9001:2015 quality management system certification for production polymer coating services. Our quality processes are designed to produce consistent products and services for maximum customer satisfaction. At GVD we strive to not just meet, but exceed customer quality requirements.

Coating Equipment

GVD’s coating equipment enables research and development laboratories to bypass the costly and time consuming process of developing a custom polymer chemical vapor deposition (CVD) system to get to experimenting right away.


GVD materials are vapor-deposited in specialized vacuum chambers onsite and cannot be provided as standalone samples. Our customers can typically evaluate their coating of choice by sending us representative samples for a coating trial. To discuss your project and/or to schedule an initial evaluation, contact us regarding any of our existing products, or new potential applications here.
We do not currently offer off-the-shelf Production equipment (please refer to Coating Equipment for information regarding our R&D equipment offerings). Our primary business model is to provide coating services at one of our locations. However, depending on the project, we can discuss a number of long-term approaches to transitioning Production to your manufacturing site.
Currently, GVD has two plants where production coatings are performed. We’ve completed rapid scale-ups in the past which have included expanding resources, increasing number of coating machines, and/or increasing the size of coating machines. Contact GVD to discuss any high-running parts production requirements.
Yes! GVD has years of experience working with a variety of federal agencies on SBIR programs. Please reach out to us here with a quick summary of your project and coating needs to see if GVD can help.
To help select the right material and connect you with one of our specialists, it is helpful to know the following in regards to your application:
  • What is the item/material to be coated, and its dimensions?
  • What will be the objective of the coating?
  • What is the end product application and/or operating environment?

Learn How Conformal Coating has Evolved for Critical Applications

A new breed of conformal coating allows for common and efficient mass assembly processes, military-grade ruggedness, and minimal impact on RF and high-speed digital performance.

I’d like to discuss my application with a GVD engineer.