As the mold release process has become more difficult due to advanced materials and increasingly complex designs, there is a growing need for better non-stick mold releases that won’t compromise mold integrity or harm product features. We’ve created a better way to approach mold release.
There is a growing widespread need for mold release coatings that can stand the harsh conditions of automotive and industrial manufacturing that doesn’t result in both human and environmental hazards. This is where GVD’s innovative, initiated chemical vapor (iCVD) deposition process used to produce polytetrafluorethylene (PTFE), a product known as RapidRelease, comes into play.
There are two main standards commonly used to initially determine if a conformal coating may be suited to harsh military and industrial applications, IPC-CC-830C and MIL-I-46058C. The main goal of these standards is to impart confidence in the users that the coatings will have a consistent quality, physical characteristics, and protection capability needed for modern electronics.