Kayaku Advanced Materials Acquires SignalSeal from GVD Corporation

Our Valued SignalSeal Customers,

We are excited to announce that Kayaku Advanced Materials (KAM), a leading specialty materials provider bringing innovative materials to the microelectronics market, has completed the acquisition of SignalSeal from GVD Corporation earlier this month. SignalSeal is an advanced, proven vapor deposited polymer coating that provides unprecedented protection for circuit boards & devices in extreme environments without adding weight or sacrificing RF or high-speed digital performance.


Kayaku Advanced Materials, Inc. is a subsidiary of Nippon Kayaku Co., LTD., and the preferred partner to technology startups and Fortune 500 companies alike. KAM is composed of three distinct product lines: Specialty Chemicals including photoresists, optical dyes and ancillary materials for MEMS and Microelectronics; PriElex® Functional Inks & Coatings for Printed Electronics; and the Paratronix® brand of Conformal Coating Services & Equipment. Paratronix® delivers superior corrosion and chemical resistance, extreme conformability and thickness control, biocompatibility, and very low moisture and gas permeability.


The investment in SignalSeal provides a significant compliment to KAM’s existing Paratronix® parylene conformal coatings division. Together, Paratronix® and SignalSeal provide KAM an uncompromising technology platform and a leading market position.


As a result of this transaction, all new SignalSeal inquiries and projects will be routed to KAM, who will take over all sales and coating operations for SignalSeal product. Existing electronics protection customers can expect high quality, uninterrupted service, as GVD and KAM continue to work closely together to ensure a seamless transition.


Please do not hesitate to get in touch with KAM representatives directly with any questions or SignalSeal inquiries.


Kayaku Advanced Materials, Paratronix® Division

Phone: 617-965-5511