Multilayer Barrier Coating for Reducing Gas & Moisture Transport

An Ultra-thin & Optically Transparent Barrier Coating Solution

GVD’s Multilayer Barrier coating provides increased level of protection against corrosion or contamination, by serving as a universal barrier against the ingress of gases (e.g. oxygen, water vapor, hydrogen, acids) and liquids. The coating can provide similar water vapor and oxygen transport reductions as metallized films with much higher optical transparency, to a variety of flexible and rigid substrates.

  • High performing gas transport barrier with no added mass and minimal added thickness (<2 microns).  Superior to parylene and comparable to metallized polymer film.
  • Suitable for delicate substrates and flexible substrates
  • Optically transparent down to 200 nm.
  • Barrier performance achieved with minimal thickness (2 microns or less) and fully conformal.

Competitive Comparison

Coating Type Property Water vapor transmission rate (85% humidity) Oxygen transmission rate UV transmission 350 nm Conformality
GVD Barrier
(2 microns)
0.38 g /m2/day 1.8cc/m2/day 90%
Parylene 0.75 g /m2/day
(Parylene C @ 25 microns)
110 cc /m2/day
(Parylene C @ 25 microns)
(Parylene N/C)

(Parylene N/C)
Metallized PET 0.75 g /m2/day
0.1 g /m2/day
0.9 cc/m2/day <5% Not possible

Multilayer Barrier Coating can be Utilized in:

Food Packaging
Flexible Electronics
Thin-film Solar Cells
Printed Circuit Boards
Parts That Would be Damaged by Excessive Moisture

Application Spotlight

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GVD Helps You Move Quickly From Evaluation to Production

When you choose GVD for your project, you’ll work directly with our coating specialists for R&D collaboration through to production-scale coating services. Our coating service is scalable to fit your requirements from the evaluation phase through to high volume manufacturing.


Test different coating technologies and processes on a small number of units.


Coat engineering volumes for in-depth evaluation.


GVD can quickly scale up and transfer coating operations to customer’s facility via technology licensing.

Multilayer Barrier FAQs

The coating system is likely to be stable up to 200 degrees C.
Substrate temperatures are maintained near room temperature during the coating process.
I’d like to discuss how Multilayer Barrier can help us provide protection against the ingress of gas & moisture