GVD Featured as a Manufacturing Success for the EPA’s SBIR Program

GVD has been featured as a manufacturing success by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and their Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program. GVD’s RapidRelease coating has streamlined tire manufacturing by reducing maintenance and improving yield (see video on RapidRelease). As a thin mold-release agent, RapidRelease allows molded rubber tires to have the same surface finish as the mold itself. Surface finish remains consistent from the first to the last tire molded, ensuring continuity in the customer’s product over time. This increases the quality of the molding process, along with being an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional mold release coatings. The EPA’s SBIR Program helped support the initial growth of GVD’s RapidRelease to the expanding customer base it has today.

Check out the featured article on the EPA’s website for Environmentally Friendly Film Coatings and Plastics here: EPA’s SBIR and Manufacturing: A Decade of Success