iLab Coating System

The GVD iLab Coating System is a research & development level polymer chemical vapor deposition coating system specifically designed to bring polymer vapor deposition technology to the laboratory. This coating system is an excellent choice for research institutions and universities looking to develop and design with the emerging leader in thin polymer coating technology.

Our customers can depend on decades of expertise with polymer vapor deposition technology, between GVD's commercial success and our leadership's academic experience, to provide a research or educational tool that grants the greatest range of possibility for coating development utilizing a recipe-driven, easy-to-use, automated system. With a variety of options available to enhance the coating system or allow for a greater variety of polymer compositions, we will work with you to decide the right system for your needs. GVD can offer full-service support ranging from the sale of a standalone system to design, installation, training, support, and licensing for custom applications.


  • Intuitive PC-based control system
  • Custom stainless steel vacuum chamber with temperature controlled stage
  • Tensioned hot filament array
  • Automatic pressure control 
  • Heated precursor delivery system with automatic temperature control and optional automatic flow control
  • Real time thickness measurement
  • Fully contained in vented enclosure
  • Oil-sealed rotary vane vacuum pump with foreline trap and outlet mist filter


  • Additional precursor feed lines
  • Low-volatility precursor delivery system
  • Safety and Automation Package
  • In-situ thickness measurement via quartz crystal microbalance (QCM)
  • Programmable DC Power Supply for filament heating
  • Dry pumping system
  • Extended service and support agreements
  • On-site training


  • Biomedical
  • Microfluidics
  • Nanotechnology
  • Undergraduate unit operations labs
  • Academic research labs
  • Government labs


For more information on coating equipment sales and technology licensing from GVD, please contact us today.