Working with GVD

At GVD, we provide high quality coating services for our customers. The patented iCVD coating technology goes well beyond the technical capabilities of traditional coating companies, GVD is a leader in technical and engineering understanding of vapor deposited polymer coatings. Our scientists and engineers work with you to find the best solution for your application, advancing your coated products from the drawing board to commercial realization.

Our collaboration with customers involves the three stages listed below. The first step is to contact a coating specialist to discuss your immediate needs and to start the Evaluation Phase. 

Evaluation Phase:

During evaluation, we work with you to identify your needs and will perform coating trials in which we prepare, fixture, and coat your parts for feasibility testing. We also provide rigorous quality control by using real-time coating thickness monitoring. After discussing requirements, product timeline, and associated costs, our engineers select the appropriate coating for an application or product. A product or sample is sent to our facility in Cambridge, MA where it is coated and shipped back to the customer for testing. One of GVD's greatest assets is our technical team of scientists and engineers; if in the evaluation phase further development work is warranted, we are open to constructing a proposal to solve the most difficult applications. 

Prototype Production:

After initial evaluation, we typically coat larger numbers of prototype parts that can be characterized and tested more thoroughly in real-world environments by the customer. Our core engineering team is located at our Cambridge, MA facility. At this facility, we provide low volume manufacturing and prototyping solutions for our customers in multiple industries.

Higher Volume Manufacturing:

We work closely with our customers to transition into higher volume production. There are several options for higher-volume production: GVD can provide coatings services in Cambridge, MA or Greenville, SC, explore opening a new facility or a technology transfer and licensing arrangement to allow manufacturing at or near a customer location.

Equipment for Research & Development:

If a customer would like to explore iCVD technology, GVD sells an R&D scale coating system. The iLab Coating system is a fully automated development tool that Universities or Commercial Partners may use to produce a range of coatings that are non-standard to GVD's commercially available materials. iCVD is emerging as a leading platform technology for micron and nanometer coatings, capable of depositing dozens of coating chemistries with a broad range of properties and functionalities. We also offer a coating 'head start' plan in which GVD's team of expert scientists and engineers will transfer a coating chemistry from a publication to our equipment, establishing coating 'recipes' as a starting point for both vapor deposition specialists and those entirely unfamiliar with the technology. See our page about the iLab System to learn more.

To learn more about how to work with GVD, please contact us .