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Product Brochures

RapidRelease Mold Release

GVD’s Mold Release coatings have been enabling in the tire manufacturing industry.


Protect electronics from salt fog

Electronics Protection

Coatings can be a critical component of electronics applications – specifically when today’s market demands for more reliable, ruggedized products without sacrificing utility.


iLab Coating System

The iLab Coating System is a research & development level initiated chemical vapor deposition (iCVD) coating system designed to bring iCVD technology to the laboratory.


Published Articles and White Papers

Protect electronics from salt fog

Innovative Manufacturing Processes and Materials for Radar Production



Commercialization and Scale-up of GVD Technology - Thin Solid Films, 2009.


GVD offers you a flexible coating technology that reflects the very latest in advanced engineering at the molecular level. We currently serve a broad customer base with many applications in consumer, industrial, and medical products. GVD will work with you to find the best solution for your needs. From providing coating services to R&D collaborations to production-scale coating services, GVD is dedicated to helping you optimize your product’s performance and enable new product lines. 

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