Coating Services

GVD offers an array of coating services to customers from many different industries. For more information on services offered by GVD, please explore each category below.

Tire Mold Release

Permanent mold release coatings from GVD enable thousands of molding cycles without maintenance or cleaning, allowing you to optimize production of molded rubber.


RF Electronics Protection

Protect your electronics from moisture and debris with GVD’s SignalSeal coating services. SignalSeal provides effective environmental protection for high-frequency RF devices with a negligible impact on signal integrity.


Working with GVD

Learn how we work with our customers to bring an application from the proto-type phase to full commercial production.


Laboratory Equipment

GVD offers the iLab coating system, a laboratory-scale chamber, fully-automated, and ideal for exploring initiated chemical vapor deposition in any research institution, academic or commercial.


For more information on the services that GVD Corporation offers, please contact us today.