Our Products

GVD’s proprietary coating technology leads to competitive advantage for our customers by either improving product performance or enhancing manufacturing. Years of development and continuous improvement have evolved product lines that address specific challenges in tire manufacturing, protection of defense and aerospace electronics, and elastomer seal performance. These coating products provide immediate solutions and competitive advantage to our customers.

GVD's PTFE Fluoropolymer coating is deposited at room temperature.RapidRelease

Producing tires is challenging, and manufacturers have to make difficult decisions every day in order to meet production demands without sacrificing quality. Improve tire quality, reduce press downtime, and lower operational costs by using RapidRelease, a permanent mold release coating.


GVD's Exilis silicone coating provides unsurpassed environmental protection for electronic devices.SignalSeal

GVD offers an alternative to hermetic packaging of high-frequency RF and microwave electronic devices, whether at the wafer-level or full assembly. SignalSeal provides environmental protection for RF and microwave devices all the way up to W-band with a minor, manageable impact on signal performance.


For more information on our materials in development, if you have questions about specific GVD coating properties, test methods, and procedures, contact us today.